drawing | booklet {intermezzo}

plenty of demos to be found on youtube
once bitten, forever smitten. it's tania who urged me to go out on the streets and push things forward. it's what i've done, i'm such a good girl. ☻ 
don't let the outcome fool you into the belief this took me long either. it didn't. 
[not counting the months before, in which i folded, threw out, came back, folded again, tore up, ... you know.] 

one could fold oneself a bookcase full of booklets. .. 
enjoy your sundays!
more booklets via norma. cheers! ♥


  1. oh gosh, im swooing at their cuteness. i want to try one now, although not sure my fingers and thumbs are so nimble and delicate!
    norma's creations are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Verrrry good girl indeed, Lovey. :o)
    You see, my advice obviously squeezed some hidden drops of energy out of your inner reservoir. And what a cute tiny piece came out there! Now I should listen to this song by myself to have the same effect..."There's no excuses, my frinds, let's push things forward..."

    Thanks for showing howto, by the way, very interesting, but believe me, this is not really a thing for me to reproduce, as I'm the one who regularly falls into crisis when I have to work on fiddly architecture model details...I'd be happy to get a booklet folded in standard A4 or A5 size! ;o)

    Have a nice week-end!

  3. Your tiny little books are to kneel down,
    dearest Nadeschda!
    It would be wonderful to have a bookcase full of booklets... a masterpiece!

    I couln't do it with my gigantic hands...


  4. yes, these are little books, so tiny, oh dear!?

    i can imagine the precision and sequence to get it so fine and perfect leaves no room for other thoughts and must be one of those (contradicting) relaxing efforts :)
    tackling big projects or the very fine, you are a wonder woman with golden hands, x

  5. I'll send you some pretty vintage wallpaper for your teeny tiny covers if you'd like Woolfy...I've got heaps.

  6. Your little books are so tiny and totally sweet - love the all and I admire how you managed to do those little books - I'm far to akward for that!

  7. This is so cute! However, I don't thin my arthritic hands could master something that small.
    I did check out Norma's and was fascinated by her technique and loved her little books. Using a tea bag was something I would definitely not thought of!
    I am so looking forward to when your shop opens---I have ideas of what I want to order!

    I read your previous post and am glad you partook in all our suggestions esp. the coffee, the cake AND the bottle. He He! I am glad it helped. :>)

    I also watched that video--was fascinated to hear rapping done with that accent. It sounded British although I'm not up on what area it represents. I at least could understand what he was saying. :>)
    I think I'm falling behind on current music and I'm not sure that I care and that part is sad.
    When I thnk of the contrast between the big band sound of my parents' generation and the times my brothers and I filled the house with everything from the Beatles and Rolling Stones to Joan Baez and Bob Dillan to Gladys Knight and the Pips and the Supremes to Leslie Gore, I think my folks were quite tolerant.
    But then I remember sitting and reading lyrics while listening to Tupac in my son's room and seeing the pleasure on his face as we truly conversed about the words and meanings. He was so pleased when I ended up using a rap song by another group in a lesson plan.

    Now his children are excitedly telling me about Michael Jackson! Have you heard his "Man in the Mirror" song Grandma? Have you heard this one and then this other one? I smiled and told them I had an album of the Jackson 5 when he was just a young kid singing with his big brothers. Their eyes got big as they 'wowed'! Obviously my son is introducing his children to that icon's music. I think they must have listed to MJ a lot on the trip to the beach this summer! :>)
    I doubt thtough that they are ready for Tupac!

  8. Very beautiful! Will be attempting this later on if kids allow! :-)

  9. so little - so great!!! and so beautiful! :-) mano

  10. You are an expert at tiny and I mean TINY books!
    I need to try this style. But this size...hmmmm. my fingers are cramping up just looking at your photos.

    Yes, the Dauphine had 4 children, 2 that died very young of illness, the other two didn't survive much longer after the revolution started.
    Sad stuff. In the S.C. film she addresses that she had three but not four children. One that dies as a baby is shown to be in a painted portrait and then as if no time has passed, is removed from the portrait. It's a brief moment.
    Anyhow, my Greta chose the theme for the party and got me on my toes. We all learned a lot.
    Have a great week!

  11. How appropriate: the tiniest books come from tiny Woolf! What patience - my fumble fingers would not cooperate so beautifully I think. Best wishes for the week ahead, sus

  12. OH MY these are so small, but oh so lovely. They look beautiful!

  13. Nadine, Nadine, Nadine!!! You made a little library right there. The way they are displayed kills me. So sweet. This visual makes me happy. These little books make me excited. They really are little hey? I want to make some too! I will be visiting youtube. By the way, don't you love youtube? Well I love your work, art friend! *smiles* N. xo

  14. you know I love your boklets! I have been curious on how you create them.
    ...I 'll start folding now ; )

  15. You have magic in your fingers, Nadine! These little booklets take agile fingers and a great folding skills! So sweet.

  16. Nadine
    these are gorgeous!!!!
    I love your tutorial too.....a great post.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts things are getting a little more normal over my way....Husbando is sitting up using the laptop which is always a good sign that he is on the mend.

    Have a great week

    Helen x