corner view ≈ out & about + renov # 36 {studio countdown 5 of 5} - hop, skip, jump

i enjoyed a sunday of out and about after and before yet more organizing the workroom from the bottom up. which is coming along fine, by the way. even if it does take forever. 

the room's had her last lick of white paint, and now she's just short of curtains. and of skirting boards. {i have not been able to face the diy-store.} actually a more appealing way of sailing 'round the skirting is building my brains as we speak. i think you'll hear about it soon. first though, sorting out below messes.... 

ps - do not forget to hover over images for extra words to this out & about post. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, theme out & about. thanks for stopping! ♥


  1. 'last lick of white paint' sounds good :)

    my eye is caught by the movement in that mirror room and the tiny balcony on the 7th photo,
    and a very good self portrait, beautiful hands too,

  2. Hi Woolfy, nice to see you xxx

  3. Nice hoovering about the photo's, how do you do that?
    Also your art is great ( scrolling more through your blog!)

    Out and about, looks nice here at your blog, is Ghent a place?

  4. hello you!
    your beautiful room will be
    even more beautiful and fine
    when i think of all your boxes
    full of treasures i smile
    out and about

    Patrice A.

  5. this post is wonderful! i love the view overlooking the rooftop terrace!!

  6. how about taking inspiration from that tiled corridor, and making a tiled skirting board? more work? it would be pretty! nice selfie,

  7. Love your self portrait, dear Nadeschda.
    That ring cought my eye... and that red thread, very sweet.
    I think a trip to Ghent would be nice...
    and a look in your boxes full of treasures :)

    xo Ariane.

  8. I love that rooftop and can imagine how much fun it would be to spend time in that balcony! I like Francesca's idea of using tile for the skirtboard. A lot of work but it would be so worth the effort!

  9. I love the view from the Art Gallery, beer sampling sounds divine, love the last pic with the red string that traveled with you.

  10. Hello there, nice to see you!
    You have interesting series here! The close-up focused on the bottle tops is great!

  11. an embarassment of riches little woolf! looks like you had a nice weekend! oot n aboot as you were!

  12. Ha, seems the lady in pic1 is already singing in light of the renovation progress!
    And look at that roof garden!! A dream, amazing! I'd already be the luckiest to own that little balcony right below!
    I put Ghent on my to-visit-list now. Art house included. And the last photo, haha, I'm answering in my post...come and see! ;o))

  13. oh, i would not mind that roof garden :) and what a nice selfie Nadine.

  14. How exciting to see your work room ... looks like a creative play room to me! Is that where all your wonderful creative projects begin?

  15. Amazing photos, N!
    Your new work room is really coming along.

  16. good for your to get on with it Nadine
    I keep looking at the photos you share
    If they were people they would be a bit embarrassed or even annoyed ;)
    the terrasse is just so lovely. Is it in your building? wow Nadine
    an exhibition up there...

    enjoy a wonderful day xoxoxo
    love from d

  17. that I think about it it might be on the other side of the road from your place...? well. still gorgeous

  18. love seeing how your work room is coming...and all those other photos are wonderful as well- I especially like that roof top, would love to putter around up there- nice to "see" you too!

  19. i love those tiles,
    and the wall of mirrors!
    good luck diving into the mess,
    can be fun at times!

  20. It's just so wonderful, to have a work room. Enjoy the process, and do show us a shot of the result!

  21. A great collection of photos! Have a great week!

  22. I want that ring, Kers! hee hee

  23. beautiful pictures Nadine! And I just discoverd today that Patrice visited you in mai! So I will look for the meeting here :-)) ♥ Ingrid

  24. wonderful to see your images
    clever to hover over and read more notes
    lovely to see you ~

  25. Still a little behind...
    Its so nice to see YOU!
    I'm so curious about your house, your studio and those gorgeous tiles, are they in your home? GREAT!
    And I like the "swimming pool" on the roof.

  26. is looking magnificent what a wonderful reward for the big effort that you have put into this project Nads. Its really looking like a very inspiring space to work in. And so nice to see you!!!!!

    Helen :))

  27. i adore the room with the mismatched mirrors. and that self portrait is rather mysterious and wonderful. like you.