06/06/10 - when i’m not vintage hunting (hear, hear) i’m probably dreaming about it. and i daresay i’m oft’ rummaging through vintage stuff, spiders included, when browsing our new, old house (papers signed last friday. he he). tonight i’m showing my family around, before popping a bottle or two of sparkling, and then lounging over summer supper. bell is brocante hunting today, but frankly, i can’t cope with humidity when i’m beat. actually, i can’t ever handle humidity! so for now, i’m watching (the) do(u)g on the wall, because i vintage scooped him up recently and he’s coming along to the new, old house. so, beware of our clover, our destiny, our guard! (do go check out sophie's)


  1. I love your doggy. As you can see, I started collecting them but have got no further than one! I think that constitutes a collection if you are looking for more. Please post pics of your new/old house. I would love to see them

  2. unheimlich, frau woolfenbell... and curious to :)