strolling. strolling. feasting the eye on all that is good, intriguing and old. bell picked up a piece of my longest passion to date : london. thank you for that! I will most certainly never use it but inside a frame.
i fell in roses too,

and then couldn’t get the jug out of my head.

i'm having a decidedly love/hate relationship with it. is it an intended caterpillar jug design or is it a vase concept gone awry? at a certain point boch believed in it. over here only time can tell. sophie today hosts a lot more goodies.


  1. Nice London teatowel. Do you have Belgian ones? What year would you date the jug? 50's? I like it, but then I have a thing for vessels. Anyway if you don't like it as a jug, it would look lovely as a vase, so you win both ways.

  2. i think i like it! very interesting.

    xo Alison

  3. ik hou wel van je rupsje...!