mathematical doodle

[image: american primitive gallery]
not easily shaken on your average lazy saturday morning i fell off of my office chair just now, while discovering eugene andolsek’s intricate works. and then the story behind the works. and then, most certainly, the man. this kind of work boils down art to what it is as well : a form of expression, not necessarily discovered. mister andolsek got found out, so we can feast our eager eye to his hand drawn webbing. my quilting eyes turn to all sides, i must say. discover the man here


  1. Thanks for the discovery ! It's a very interesting and beautiful work !

  2. i could stare at this forever. so interesting!

    xo Alison

  3. Geweldig! Mijn ogen werden er een beetje zeeziek van , maar ik ga straks echt nog een keer kijken. Wat een geduld moet deze man hebben!

  4. Oh, I can understand your fascination about this art - it instantly makes my heart jump!
    Thank your for sharing!