it's fictional

12/06/10 - a morning starting with of a cup of coffee underneath the window, cozying up to my book for the first time this week, is a good morning. while some of the home stuff is slowly finding its way inside moving boxes (to be stored for a few months up to maybe a year), and people for-soon-to-be-new-tenants are being showed around this place, and a new file of builders is stepping inside the new, old house to elaborate on good advice and whisk up more precious offers, i’m happy with this small pocket of time, in which to lose myself safely. although brontë’s wuthering heights is all that i can cope with romantically, alice hoffman is doing something similar in HERE ON EARTH. while realising full well i don’t need a repeat version, i do find i let myself being carried away by the character’s fates. fictional fates, i know. aren’t we all?

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  1. Ah, reading a good book in a summer morning is one of my favorite things to do. (And I always get caught up in the fates of book characters, too!)