house on fire

04/06/10 - over the last few weeks i have talked to more male builders than i have talked to men over plenty years of unsuccesful dating. dealing for the best conversion offer, proofs to be kind of a game. there are rules that need establishing, there’s a thread that needs following, there’s communication that needs settling. there is, above all, intriguing conversation.
well, i mean, i have learned a lot about construction by now, without having the slightest bit of know how. i’ve come to understand a natural order. i have learned to see how these men come and go, like ebb and flow. they are willing, my, they have me stunned. under their rough appearance lies a soft center. they are careful, pulling one or both eye brows, when i admit we wanna be moving, come september. of this year. they smirk jauntily, scribbling down a few notes, while i’m thinking – one of my future fictitious characters will definitely be a biceptional builder.
See, i love them already, my builders, for their good sense of humour. we will be getting on like a house on fire. well, not fire, exactly.


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