count your chicken

last night, during that sorry excuse of a summer thunder storm, i pulled out the vegetables from the fridge and added a chicken. although silly hot to be putting on an oven, it was all i could do to not slave over a few cooking pots on the stove anyway.

today the pots will be simmering, for more vegetables need to be tampered with and abstination from proper cooking was just a temporary reprieve. but hey! i’m not complaining.

all while inviting up a few more offers for the soon-to-start renovation (to be documented more thoroughy, and that’s a promise), visiting a local recycle shop and crocheting away on a few more squares, i did survive what appears to have been the hottest day of the year. i do not like heat, let me clear that up for you. as for many others, my mind stops being mindful, and my blood seems to thicken up. while that’s just an exaggerated version of my tilted emotion, this chicken casserole works wonders to an overheated body. happily devoured, just as much so chilled or picnic-ied!

have fun preparing the thing (recipe / recept), take her out to the park or garden, and bon appétit! and perhaps throw some water this way?


  1. wat een heerlijke kip!! Wat grappig dat ik eergister ook de hitte heb verslagen met kip maken in de oven...Koken is dus het middel!!Ziet er uit om direct aan te vallen!

  2. This is a lovely photo of the sky. And I hate the heat, too! (Yet I live in Florida... but the winters here are beautiful, and I hate extreme cold too!)