first blood {renov#1}

14/07/10 - finally ! it has started, the big renov-of-a-lifetime. not the first, definitely the one. nephew s. on holidays this week and he was up for it. i could so much do with his virile take on things!

look at him go. and so it also happened on day # 1 i got myself christened.

it hurts only a bit, whereas another wound is actually throbbing, i hope with good character. floors, etc. torn out on ground and first floor. concrete garden path demolished.

piles stacked (once a librarian, always ---), waiting for deportation on saturday. good friends and kins to lend a helping hand. we take our time, and have fun along the way. apart from ALL the joints screaming for relaxation, that is. oh, eik!

(garden path still existing here!).
oh, and la-di-da! i own a shed....

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  1. Happy renovation! Welkom tot de bloedige hand club...

  2. Put a bandaid on that cut! Or do you call them plasters? Anyway, the renovation sounds exciting, and I look forward to the "after" photos!

  3. It will be fun to follow the progress. Good luck, and be careful!

  4. Wow ... will be interesting to follow the progress. Hope your finger is better now :)