flying high

i didn’t notice her straight away. she hung right in front of the bargain shop window , a bit like a straight curtain, i never made the assumption. then that languishing face threw me. only when i got home, i noticed the tigress. talking ‘bout stages of noticing, and did the needler really endlessly repeat that orange-white-black colour code? i'll have to cut the lady up, of course, though bell may protest. the reason why i almost missed the gobelin lady, was this fabric.

i think it’s safe to call the colour poisonous. is the rough quality evoking something irresistible from the past, like quickly drying off the body after a skinny dip? is it rattling a bone or two, tickling my fancy perhaps? i don’t know, but something good will come of this, i'm sure.

last but not least and for your eyes only, i’m throwing into the bargain a wonderful montgolfiere, or rather a handsome little fellow of an exhibition booklet, from the late seventies, of which i'm showing off the cover here. i’ve long been absolutely scared of hot air balloons, until one flew over so close i got over it, there and then. would love to see the world from up there, but ha, dearies! the challenge….

.... anyone ever been ballooning? How was that? [more treasure hunting on library adventures]


  1. I love the woman and her tiger, what a great find!

  2. Interesting ! And good to improve my english....

  3. These are great finds! I used to do a lot of needlepoint when I was younger. It's the first craft I learnt. And yes, I have been hot air ballooning. It's such a wonderful, serene feeling. I totally recommend it. You can see my blog post here about it:

  4. Mesmerised by the beautiful fabric. Great finds. xo

  5. firstly, that towel is quite excellent and I am more than a little envious, what my collection wouldn't give for some lime and turquoise!
    Secondly I LOVE the balloon print, I'm a bit enamored of them at the moment and have been drawing quite a few (you can take that as a hint!