mirror, mirror

our visit to the museum roger raveel started with an error on my behalf. i had the names of two flemish artists confused, and for some reason i thought we were seeing frans masereel. wrong so indeed. i adjusted to the heat and the unexpected presence of colour in a jiffy and did enjoy the unmistakable postmodern vision of the famous flemish painter, who is still living around the corner from his very own museum. he is 89 these days, and apparently still at it. the mirror symbolism in raveel’s work, the way he un-identifies identity (through stripes and squares, e.g. - not shown here) is quite daring. and stunning. the modern museum building sits intriguingly well at the very core of a tiny rustic village. worth a visit. see more here.


  1. Sometimes unexpected finds are the best finds! xo

  2. Good it turned out interesting :) Have a great weekend.

  3. mijn favoriete museum hier, je kan er even tussenuit, prachtige architectuur en... ik kreeg de kinderen altijd mee omwille van 1. de helling en de trapjes bij het kerkhof, 2. de helling in het museum, 3.!!!de spiegels
    daar las de oudste ook voor het eerst: gas, water op de deur om een hoekje
    en voor mij: verassend mooie stille tentoonstellingen