the chimney less traveled {renov # 6}

part I - it goes tick-tock, throwing bricks through two floors of chimney, keeping fingers crossed no part gets stuck underway. it’s thrilling, and it’s what i’ve been doing for a few days now. someone asked me, why doing away with the chimneys? well, they will not be in use, and i’m a sucker for practicality. that is the short answer. the more elaborate answer would sound something like, they’re in my face, they’re ugly, they’re too big, they’re in the wrong place, they’re old-but-not-interesting. by the time we’d decided to do away with all six of them, i started asking myself if i could fathom it.

first the drilling, then the chucking, the scraping, the dust biting, … ha! let me assure you though, i am a happy bun for those old buggers to have (almost) gone. i’m thinking. next week, i’ll be done with breaking away. next week, we’re building. next week, there will be peace. i know it will be different.

part II - a girl has got to do what she’s got to do, even if her trousers are white. washing the filthy, ash ridden and sweaty clothes from the renovation, time after time, is such a challenge, that i need to dig up unexpected clothing....

naaaa! these old off-white honeys i pulled from the garbage bin, really. too far gone for the recycle shop, i decided to use 'em up to the thread and carry loads of brick in the finest of overalls. while nephew s. is drilling stones from the wall, as if he was slicing a knife through butter (go figure), i stare, until the dust reaches my eyes and my nose starts running.

for me, it's emotion. for him, it’s a man’s job. i’m sure glad when the man turns up.


  1. oh wat dapper allemaal.Ben heel benieuwd hoe het eruit gaat zien.Trouwens, mooie foto's !
    Grinnik..was het maar volgende week,hè ?

  2. Go,go,go het beste moet nog komen,als al de stoffige werken achter de rug zijn en er als het ware een blank canvas verschijnt waar je je eigen wereld op kan schilderen.

  3. That answers my question. I'm super impressed that you're doing all this by yourselves. I wish I could come and do some apprenticeship.

  4. oh, my word. another mad "klusser" (I have one in the family.)

    wow. wow. wow.