this holy cow

lead singer ian mc cullough once said in an 80’s interview how he didn’t like to slip in the lyrics to ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN albums, since it took away a good deal of magic. ‘when people just listen in, they hear different things, they hear their own things. surely, someone who’s making the effort to listen in, is allowed his/her own version of the truth’. hey, i may have altered a few stresses in his own words repeat, but i’ve never forgotten the true gest of what mc cullough tried to explain. up to this day, i enjoy making up words and phrases to songs not clearly articulated. moreover i feel comfortable in doing so. it’s how i recently ended up with this holy cow i’m moving out*, which original translation let me down a little. All of a sudden, miss humour left the room. as did the cow, ofcourse (not that the eyes disappointed me in any way, they just restricted my imagination☻).
*[‘cause holy cow, I love your eyes] - elbow


  1. why not? we have some totally made up words in our family that we use all the time with a smile. we should find good tunes for them now:)