ta-da! the blues

do you remember that scene from WUTHERING HEIGHTS, the black and white classic, where the midnight trees, or the moors' heather for that matter, are calling out for the feverish girl in distress? "cathy... come home, come ho-me" (cannot locate the exact scene to show, i might be confounding with this, ofcourse).
ha! the melodrama pouring out from amongst the seams.... i've shortly noticed though that, each time i pass my crochet basket, similar turbulence occurs. that darn yarn is yelping "woolfie, wool-fie, pick me up, no-ow".
i'm starting the blues on it, you know. the granny blues. ☻
(further creative spacing with kootoyoo)


  1. Mooie kleurcombinaties,ziet er ook lekker uit,als een soort koekjes.

  2. That's creative. I'm just on my occasional random blog hopping visit today and the colors made me leave a comment !

  3. That particular version of the movie tears me up for days. But I'll tell you the one with Ralph Fiennes (my favorite actor) and Juliette Binoche (my favorite actress) is a killer to me! Wben Cathy dies and is in the coffin and he grabs her toward him...oh Gosh! I can't even think of it! Augghhhh...kills me! How interesting that you can associate granny squares with Wuthering Heights...love your mind!

  4. The haunting blues! I remember well that scene in the book.

  5. Oh I do understand this calling " come pick me up" !!!

    Love the colors of the squares!