sour grapes

they don’t look much like grapes anymore, i agree. i actually boiled them down to a pulp in kiwi&apple juice and plenty of sugar. i’ve been wanting to make a (°breton) far (recipe/recept) for weeks now. a far is a kind of clafoutis, basically a sweet eggy & fruit mixture, baked in the oven, dusted off with powdered sugar, if you like. easily done, totally satisfying, and it has used up 5 % of the grapes i gathered. that’s right. 5 %. all other grapeys have found their way back to earth on the compost heap. i’m telling you in kind, i am not your most dedicated pruner, therefore I am a goosey harvester. but i can bake a far by far!


  1. I used to make something like that with apples, no flour, just eggs and sugar. And cinnamon, I think.