stitch and glue

[excerpt from la visite du sultan des indes]
for a few weeks now, my blogger account is jumpy. it loads half, it gets stuck, pictures don’t show, google doesn’t load. i could go on. i feel i’m at a loss. this is, as for all those suffering from similar hiccups, frustrating. i can only apologize for my less frequent visits to your lovely sites, for blogs not loading, comment windows blowing up in my face, and general strike of all things blogger (funnily enough 'straightforward' w3 is okay, so i hardly think my computer is the culprit).
can anyone help flick on the light, please? i’ve tried different browsers, i’m deleting browser history (far too) often now, i've been logging in and out as if pushing myself through a non stop revolving door. modem is fine, i’m careful when editing (no ms word distractions nor remnants). i’ve been surfing around for answers and came across suggestions on a.o. deleting gadgets (including follower’s widget) and flickr links. i seem to have tried everything i want to try, unless ofcourse deleting the blog entirely is the one and proper solution?☻
in another, universal word : h e l p ?


  1. I don't know what's going on, and I'm certainly not a techno-wizard, but I can only agree that Blogger must be having some issues. The thing that keeps happening to me is the "service not available" message, both when leaving comments and when I try to log in/log out. Even when I am composing posts. Problems with saving, etc.

    Maybe Blogger will figure it out and fix it? We can only hope...

  2. I think you want to look into another blogging platform. Every time I have to use Blogger I just hope that nothings goes wrong.