corner view ≈ school

- ma, i’m done with the food.
- he?
- that’s right, i’m done with it. don’t want it no more.
- .. as in?
- lunch-time-at-school, ma. no more.
- what then…
- ... i want to come outside over lunchtime and decide what i want. i need a photo for my pass. will you just give me the money so i can do that, i’ll need photos for my driving license anyway. do you think?
- but no more hot food at school, then?
- nope.
- meaning, i need to cook hot meals every day?
- na. whatevva.

school with my sweet teenage boy. man. young man! ♥

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  1. How about just a sandwich:)? I think food in school has worldwide fame for being nasty.

  2. Sounds like a young man who knows what he likes! And I'm with Francesca. I remember the school lunches in my day, and a cold sandwich topped them any day of the week!

  3. Hahaha great post!
    I remember my days at school. I remember i lived on candybars and chips for two years.
    And now i'm a big vegetable and healthy food lover!

  4. If it's the same as when I was at school, the money will go on cigarettes or something ;)

  5. nothing like a 'conversation' with a teenager lol. our high school has open campus which i hate.

  6. whatevva, man.
    all of a sudden, I've got 10 different groups of those, ha ha.

    dank je wel, hey ;)

  7. No food in the Danish schools, just lukewarm lunch packets :-)

  8. I am liking this 'corner view.' So many stories. It is like takin a trip in my computer chair!
    Squished Vegemite sandwiches for Aussie school kids.

  9. I remember going out for Carlucci's pizza at lunchtime---one of my happy memories of high School!!, so I can understand your son's dilemma:))
    Best wishes!

  10. you made my smile =) fantastic cv!!!