♥ hellóó-óó giveaway draw ♥

♣ '...the hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop.... ' ♣

that just popped up
from nowhere seemingly,
as i was writing all these names down for the ♥ draw.
i had me a good time.
son joined in on 'say whààààat?',
or was it at 'a saying on 'n 'n on 'n on on 'n on '?
... i mean?
we had a ball!

♣ doesn't it want to make you move a little? ♣

and now....
for the winnerzzzzzzzz...
[that's right! leave that tune on!]
a whole lot of shakin' goin' on.....

n° 1.....

n° 2 .....

n° 3 ....

now i have to be honest, i'm just a little bit sorry i can't send a heart to each and every single one of you's. do not fret, do not despair however.... 't won't stay with just one giveaway. fresh boxes to unwrap have arrived in the new, old house, and i feel there's more to come and sent away, my dears... now those lucky winners? send me your address in reply. and ♥


  1. What a nice way to draw and announce winners!

  2. Boo hoo, congrats to the lovely winners!!!

  3. yay! to the winners!
    happy unpacking!

  4. I think I have a heart as well. We all winned.

  5. thanks :)
    i´m the luckyhappy winner!
    it feels just great!

    ps. i agree with francesca

  6. Forget the heart, I want my pink daisy name tag! ;)
    Cheers to the winners!

  7. Sweet Nadine even to the not-winners this post is a delight x

  8. I liked the draw post almost as much as the giveaway one. Nice!

  9. i feel like i won just because of the lovely way you posted this : )