he's off!

yep. he's off. posted him this morning. a long wait and then the till officer asking me registered, or not? i dunno. what if he goes astray, awry, underway? need to trust then, hey?

i haven't blabbed a thing about this business, but now my preps are done, i let you in on a sneak preview. (whole booklet here). via i-cannot-remember-where-and-who-on-w3 i stumbled upon THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2011. before i could say schtum, i'd ordered a moleskine notebook, in order to participate. thrilled, excited, daunted. or what? 

more than that, i hardly had time to fill the notebook all up! so i took him on the commuter, made people stare, glued pages together (is that a cheat? ☻), and made it. just in time.

if i tell you it is really just a little booklet filled with doodling nonsense, will you judge me (not)? such fun nonetheless and it didn't half relieve the renovation tension from time to time... i can highly recommend.
PS - for the honeyz reading in the states : this doodle booklet will be part of a traveling exhibition until well into mid 2011. so look at the dates a-here, and if you make it, tell me, won't ya's? kick off in brooklyn. 

DATES (details via sketchbook project 2011)
brooklyn, NY ☻ february 19-27
austin, TX ☻ march 12 
portland, ME ☻ march 30-april 02
atlanta, GA ☻ april 08-09
washington, DC ☻ april 11-30
seattle, WA ☻ june 10-12
san francisco, CA ☻ june 18
chicago, IL ☻ july 14-17
winter park, FL ☻ july 29-31


  1. Cooool!!! I'd love to see the Florida exhibit! Maybe...

  2. Goed zeg!!! volgende keer doe ik ook mee!!! Ziet er super uit! Hups op naar creatief 2011!!!

  3. Ok, this wasn't even written in Flemish and I still don't understand...I want to join in....what is it?
    Holy Cherry....she mumbled......

  4. I may just have to fly to Seattle just to see it in June....your famous Momma!

  5. How wonderful! I'm partial to the cupcake sketch because I'm partial to cupcakes. Anyway, they are all much more than sketches, they are each little worlds of their own!

  6. great work well done it looks fab! I wanted to do this but missed the entry deadline will wait patiently till next year.

  7. Oh that's great: I love it!!!!
    Wishing you and the one you love a wonderful new year!!!!

  8. The colors and the text make the day happier. Thanks. Anyway....

  9. wow,looks great...energy ..power is coming off the pages!

  10. i've missed so much over my lazy xmas hol! sketchbooks, move-ins, christmas lights, upcoming trips to paris! whatever next?!

    happy new year nadine!

  11. I have also missed so much here! I am going to catch up now...

    Love your sketchbook too - fabulous Woolf!

    Happy happy happy new year!

  12. That is SO EXCITING!!!! I love those illustrations - especially the "Laugh" page. The color is so joyful and restful... perfect for laughter... it reminds me of the sea.


  13. Hij is SUPER en nu een nieuwe halen gewoon voor jezelf :)!

  14. oeps, nearly missed this post, congrats Nadine, looks very, very nice.
    Mooi afwisselend drukke en rustige pagina's en met 'inhoud', schitterend!

  15. Oooh! How exciting! Congratulations on getting this done and being part of something so special :-)

  16. i'm envious! you thought you were last minute getting it in... but i was too late even signing up! so, good for you. it's lovely.

  17. You did it WooooHooo!!


    Looks great!