empire state jane

(mantra! - i shall not cut this up) ☻ it happens that a small wonder is bestowed upon the seeker when thrifting. when small wonders happen, one revels. i move heaven and earth in order to obtain  this reference booklet, that used to belong to a certain i. lenoir, pupil in home economics, 2nd reg. i save the gem from the hands of an overzealous thrift shop assistent, whom i catch aiming for the dustbin, for the booklet's petite size. near fainting, i laboriously extort a sale.

leafing through the A6 hardback, i discover a brimming referent valhallah on 5000 years of costume design. i turn smooth, crisp pages. (i shall not cut this up!). i am drawn to the empire style on p. 42, for mr. darcy carefreely lives on a bookshelf in my mind. i also sigh. empire is a style that would so not become me. i see that from the page, i've noticed that from period films. too chesty. moi.

the booklet rounds up in the present, strikingly called the newest of times, 1940. (still! i will not cut this up).

beyond the bound pages a lose leaf, marked on the back musées royaux d'art et d'histoire, bruxelles. that's more like it. the lady in the picture catches my attention. did i. lenoir let herself bemuse by her, when visiting le musée? and did i. lenoir perhaps make this dress in home economics, for the ball? we shall not ever know. but,

'how quick come the reasons for approving what we like' 
jane austen - persuasion 

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  1. Oh my dear that is just lovely - I am so pleased you rescued it from a terrible fate. Are you sure you will not cut it up ...?

  2. I can't believe someone was going to throw it away - what excellent reflexes you have! Perhaps just a bonnet then, if a Jane Austen frock is de trop?

  3. ah, what a book - I remember loving those kinds of books when I was at school (though studying history instead of home economics...)

  4. oh! this is so great! have a great time letting you imagination run wild. :)

  5. Oh I love this kind of things to happen, old books belonging to others in which you can guess and make up such great fantasies about the last owner...
    That's a nice book, where did you get it from? I love the drawings :)

    Big kisses woolf!

  6. oh Woolf, it is a beautiful book♥ well saved!

  7. Oooh! I love old books, especially those about fashion. What a treasure!

  8. Wow! That's definitely a treasure! :D