up in the air {renov # 17}

storytime! is what rises up in me, as i'm stripping more paper off. this renovation business is gradually and unmistakably growing into the longest revamp. 
whilest downtown the folkloric procession is warming up, i hide inside, breathing dust and steam as i slowly scrape my way along the walls. 
son is running in and out, girl stuff and fairground attractions no less, but i remain unimpressed. ha youth! and how to survive it. 
on my wall appear faces, countries. one (stiletto) puss-in-boots booty gets thrown over the bathroom door. 
from nowhere (but really, the ceiling) a magical hanging garden emerges. i revel, i rhyme.  
i have my cuppa, up in the air. the radio's on sports, for the music is just too good. 
on sunday, time runs out.


  1. your shots
    have sniffed out
    the beauty
    from a mundane
    mucky chore
    (love the intrigue of stripping
    multiple layers
    of paper from old walls
    yet still hate the job)
    good luck mrs


  2. though work... and a bit emotional, no?

  3. the picture of perseverance...

  4. stay strong oh wallpaper warrior!

    (i think old "costume histories" are fascinating too! hmmm!)

  5. Wallpaper on the ceilings? Hang in there!

  6. renovating... challenging, stressful, but oh so gratifying.
    rock on.