T. (111-3) {vintage wallpaper musings}

my name's T. mister T. i live in a street with terraced houses. neigbours therefore, i have a-plenty. much to my dismay. i'd rather just stay. all by myself. all of the time. i'm a mysantropic person in your purest form. i lock the door, any door, at any given time. if not given, then stolen. you know what i mean?
i've often wondered, who's papered the walls in my room? but i just as soon let go of the thought, for an answer i will get not. no one else around, i make sure of that. lonely, me? never. don't let my sweet talk befuddle you, know what i mean?
woolf, 19/01/11


  1. Paper paper where does it begin where is the end!

    Loved your previous post and always lock your doors!!

  2. I also wonder the same when old paint surfaces from our walls.

  3. oooh I just had another thought you could cut out the shapes of the characters that you have given them from the wallpaper like silhouettes. With your descriptions written below would be look great in a grouping in frames.