when you're seventeen, and you don't know too much about the world, or all the elements (it's possible) and this guy eyes you, and to proove a point he's taping you a casette with favourites, and he's saying, 'they are pretty heavy ones on there, but none too hard, either', you are grateful. 
and when the singer of your favourite song on that tape dies, then that memory dies a little too, after it sparked. gee, but i love a good guitar...

'if she's your life
how can she take your breath away
with just one look at her?
and if she's your world
why can't you tell your nights from day?
when she turns around
does she know when she's found her a fool'

gary moore


  1. I remeber when the lead from inxs died so sad!
    I loved him...

  2. ai..memories of him..years ago..much younger.I had a friend who always played the guitar when i visited him..Gary Moore. Wow..i'm that old now?

  3. Sad.. but keep on loving a good guitar dear Nadine.
    (veel en heel laat gewerkt de laatste weken maar hier toch elke keer aangenaam effe verpozen x)

  4. Oh my...what a heart tugging memory... Hugs

  5. ♥ It's really scary when people start dying that are your own age...doesn't seem right or even possible...but yet.....
    ♥this tribute, Kers!

  6. Great guitar...I do love a great guitar♥ Good Choice, Kers!

  7. Sad to die so young. Yes a great guitarist. xo