corner view ≈ fire(s)

i'd actually really hoped the great fire of london would have been stored somewhere for us online. i wasn't disappointed. the 1666 great fire of london has deeply impressed me in many ways. i saw a chilling dramatized scene at the london museum in the early 10's. i read about the great fire in rutherfurd's london, when i couldn't do anything but read to pass the time, a few years ago. and of course, there will always be peter ackroyd, who writes haunting history books on england's capital and humourously dubs unforgettable televised drama. if you can spare ten minutes of your precious time, then the evocation lies in wait for you's. samuel pepys reported elaborately on the great fire, which he closely watched from across the rolling thames {all to be found in his diaries}. let's hear it for the man, he's kept remarkably well. ☻ {set the above video in motion. please do. virginia woolf in cameo!} 

i've had london on my mind all day, does it show? i miss her so... jane's corner view, hosted by francesca. add some fire to your day today, hey? actually. basil fawlty once shrieked fa-fa-fire! remember? {do not watch the video if you find yourself under a particular anti-fawlty-spell. being basil, he's acting up something unnerving.}


  1. wow...impressive....but i still have no sound on the pc, only pictures! But the first shot with all the fire!
    i have to admit i'm a bit afraid of fire, your piece reminds me of a farmhouse - the dutch with rietendak- got fire, i slept with a girl-friend, i just went to the loo and i noticed fire indoors...the farmhouse was gone within seconds.

    happy wednesday!
    i hope to go to london for at least a week one day!

  2. I'm sitting here laughing my head off! I was mesmerized by the first video, although I skimmed through it due to time constraints-I must be getting ready for school. Then I couldn't resist clicking on your 'remember' and ahhh, what a hilarious way to begin what could be a quite tedious day! Thank you, dear Nadine. I am not familiar with basil fawlty, but am grateful to your introduction to him.
    It seems you and I are the early birds with the corner view this week--unusual for me.
    Have a great day friend. I'm off to the second of finals days and to say goodbye to my student teacher. I will try not to hit her backside with my closing door (she has been a bit of a nightmare).

    1. beth!
      make sure that door comes close to the backside, and add some fa-fa-fire!
      way to go, and enjoy the end...

  3. Old London is very good at remembering it's history. Such a sombre fire for you but then of course came the Fawlty Towers! That's more Woolf!

  4. Something so powerful and beautiful as the flames of fire can be yet so sad and deadly. xo

  5. Hard to imagine nowadays that whole towns burned to dust by those large fires of the past. Not long ago in January there was a house fire here in Aachen, where three little children lost their lives...a tragedy! Fire sometimes has such a terrible, destructive power. I'm glad you turned my head's images towards fawlty's fa-fa-fa-fire, so I finally end up laughing on your post again!

  6. Makes me think of the big fire that hit San Francisco in turn of the century. Stromboli reminds me of a piece of equipment that they use to clean the ice on an ice rink.

  7. Great video to watch. Reminds me of my school days studying the great fire.

  8. I think most of our buildings have always been built in stone or bricks, so fortunately house fires (and city fires!) haven't been very common at all. Mind you, we have earthquakes and volcanos ...

  9. the history of London has always had my attention. great video. It's so powerful fire - it helps to sustain life and so easily can destroy.

    BTW - my life isn't always so glamorous, interesting and adventurous yes, but not always glamorous!!

    sending you hugs....

  10. Interesting and good video! Have a nice week :)