it doesn't get any better than this

there are times it doesn't get any better than this. strolling, looking and shooting. the villa hurlebise in nieuwpoort {belgian coast} is just one backdrop for the BEAUFORT04 summer exhibitions {which run in different belgian seaside towns}. nedko solakov refurbished the derelict building with just a fibre tip at hand. reading up on the history of the villa, i discover a {autumn 2012} bbc-hbo drama has been filmed here, amongst other locations in belgium. we'll be hearing about the production, no doubt. in the meantime, why don't you take a stroll on the nieuwpoort location with me?


  1. Aha i was looking out for another stroll with you and boy it was again a delight, adventurous and surprising... that kitchen cupboard and wallpaper made me sigh, x

  2. Ok for the stroll ;)
    Have a(nother) nice day...

  3. your shots are really great. thanks for that little tour. :)

  4. I do love that checkered bathroom Woolfy. Nice to take a little walk with you btw x

  5. Nadine!!
    dit is prachtig!!!!
    wat een wandeling
    wat een huis
    ik wil ook
    een zwart/witte badkamer
    met een streepgordijn

    fijn weekend!
    x Patrice A.

  6. You go on such amazing adventures!

  7. Dear Nadeschda,
    stunning, these 'amazing piece of kitsch'... this lamp ;-)
    I've enjoyed this stroll with you very much
    and I'll come again 'cause I feel thrilled about that place. Makes my fantasy flying...

    See ya this weekend with pompons?


  8. I enjoyed the stroll very much . . . what a completely amazing place. And your photographs - so incredibly atmosphereic! I felt like I was there with you. I especially loved the one of the stairs, with the stained glass windows near the beginning of your exploration of the house - such a sense of stillness in that picture - beautiful.

    Karyn xx

  9. Beautiful Nadine - at first i thought that the lamp was a newly found thrifted object you scored, and, no, it wouldn't get better that that! Still, lovely to look at!
    Happy weekend!

  10. Take me!!! I love that lamp, so beautiful!!!! Looking at villas, what a way to spend time, so nice.

    1. baba not keeping you awake at all hours, is she?
      lovely to hear from you.
      till soon, will write. x