drawing | pompom {no bending}

just this week i explained to someone how we once upon a time drew a chrysanth in school, way back: by curvingly sliding a pencil from an imaginary middle point towards an outer {invisible} linear boundary, and repeating this same motion a good many times per flower head, allowing for a fluffy filled flower. 

remembering that calming gesture on paper, i did pretty much the same with this pompom, only using my trusted fibre tips for effect, and straightening the lines out instead of bending. i could draw pompoms forever! such a relaxing movement after reaching out for the ceiling all day {straight plain and soft moon dust paint on wood}. 
stefanie gathers us in pompoms this weekend. lovely thought!


  1. A pompom in the sky! Again, magical. I must look for them in the sky. This is such a great drawing and now I think I might have to draw pompoms in the sky myself. Just completely magical this is! Love it. *smiles* Norma

  2. Has worked magnificently!!!

    see you can do the methodical ;)

    it is a lovely sketch I really do love it as yo would expect from a fellow ink pen lover. I love your colours and use of space and I like seeing the strokes and how you have applied them.

    very spesh

    have a great weekend Miss Woolf

    PS: it is so cold in Melbourne today Im thinking I would like to be buried in a giant woolley pompom with only my eyes looking out heehee!

  3. Nadine, you are a great teacher! Now I know how to draw a pompom! The eyes staring out at us remind me of a cat wrapped up in a muddle of wool. Happy week to you!

  4. olé!!

    looks good
    great lesson
    and those eyes, haha!

    ja, de Nederlandse Man Bijt Hond
    ik ben degene die de prijs uitreikt
    aan het einde en dat was schrikken
    want het hele filmpje gaat over Do
    (mijn vriendin de boerin) en haar zus
    kwam ik ineens beeldvullend in beeld
    het blijft een leuk filmpje
    al is er nog zoveel meer leuks omheen
    vanmiddag begint het, ik ben benieuwd!


  5. Your soft moon pompon makes the perfect hideaway, soft and warm high up above.
    The relaxing effect of repetition will be increased even more by the soft gliding of fibre tips, that very thought has already a calming effect on me ;xx

  6. he ook pompons in de lucht, ik ga je les eens uitproberen als ik gestrest ben, misschien wordt ik er ook rustig van, nog een fijn weekend

  7. Yes, a beautiful and fantastic drawing, I love the idea and the coloures. Is it relaxing? Well, I should try...
    a sunny sunday to you
    x Stefanie

  8. your moon pompon is so beautiful. tonight I'll take a look to the sky for to find many pink circles... viele grüße! mano

  9. Cool drawing but your previous light steals the show Momma!!!

  10. huh! mysterious pompon. cool! and yes. pompons produce can be very meditative.

  11. Hey, I will try to draw a chrysanth following your directions!:) Since I've been trying to draw succefully a tree thank to a book ("How to draw a tree", Bruno Munari) my son gave to me...
    Have a nice week!

  12. Ceilings? It must mean that you finished the floors and the walls, does it not?

  13. may i invite you to the next drawing challenge? please visit my blog if you like.

    have a nice week!

  14. Hehehe, those eyes...
    dear Nadeschda. They make your pompon looks big, HUGE!
    I like them both: that one with straightening lines out and the other one with lines bending like a chrysanth. And have not to say that I love the colour, have I?

    Moon dust... must be dreamy. May I please have a look?