drawing | paper doll drama

besides thinking up a doll's skirt full of treasures and symbolism {where'd that come from?}, i've been musing over what friend maggie suggested a few months ago. as a matter of fact, the advice came from her 86-year old mum: 
"if i can't find me my man, i should seriously consider baking me one". 
{image: as seen here.}
bearing in mind that in case my intentions go t*ts up, then i could always turn to the original baker, the one that gingerly got away and into welsh village life, rolling himself into a crisp of brit humour. just a thought, right? 
paper dolls this weekend, via fairy yellow bug queen
cheers, norma. i feel like i've been to the ball and back.


  1. very very nice, I love the wo(o)lf under the skirt, yeah!
    I guess they have a lot of fun -
    x Stefanie

  2. I ADORE the collage above! Did you make it? needs a frame! Alsoo been thinking of paper dolls for days. You caught my mental breeze!

  3. 'keep the doll away from direct sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures' hihi...wonder what kind of influence these would have on Mr. Darcy

    your skirt with all those beautiful details (the cow :))is more than super, sneakers and wolf? do i notice 'a woman who runs with the wolves' here too?
    great collage! wishing you a big blue sky this weekend (and always) xx

  4. Great collage and loving your paper doll with its fab story. Annette x

  5. Hmm, the armlet,
    dearest Nadeschda,
    I've spot it directly ;-)
    And lupus the woolf, Mr Darcy...

    Love your drawing, its very surprising... as a horn of plenty.


  6. A woolf amongst the skirts that should keep unwanted visitors at bay heeheehee!

    I do love it very much the skirt is truly magnificent and the colours are gorgeous.

    a big hello from OZ!!

  7. haha!
    die kleine wolf
    onder haar rok
    helemaal goed!

    all those pretty colors and flowers
    and Mr Darcy....

    Patrice A.

  8. your picture swarms of so many beautiful details! das wölfchen... wolfi under the skirt, ha,ha... and I love the sneakers, the flowers, the little buttons. great work, nadine!
    xx mano

  9. Nadine! Who knew you had such shapely legs under that skirt! I guess it is from all of that running you do! I love her lacy edge and the outline of buttons! Wonderful magic visual!! I love where your brush strokes have taken you (and us)...that great background and skirt fabric pattern are just punchy! I am dreaming of eating savory baked men that a great old witch aunt has baked for me; and then topping it off with a warm lemon meringue pie that a crusty old friend has helped me bake. In these dreams I am in calorie-heaven! *smiles* Norma