drawing | cross stitch

on a day such as this one, i sat awaiting the arrival of a friend. earlier that morning, an idea had sprung to mind, after savouring a margaret atwood sentence. a single phrase can trigger so much sentiment.

i picked up the first fibre tip at hand, pale blue. then i unearthed an old stamping pad and cut a piece of eraser into a tiny square. i translated my idea into a pattern. 
since this paper leaf won't fit my drawings sketch book, i walked about with it, in my make do living room, wondering... where shall i put it? 

all of these participants [norma, {stephanie}arianeliserosemaryolgasusancarolevictoriarachelgreta, {patrice}, kristen, {julia}, manotatjana, {lynne}, {helen}... ] swap cross stitch samples this week. thank you all, for playing! ps - my internet intermittently playing up or simply down [talkin' 'bout caprices!!], it might take a while before i visit you all, but who knows, hey? 

* a cracked maroon umbrella
so prized when new;
from: THE DOOR by margaret atwood; poem, YEAR OF THE HEN


  1. I love your cross stitch colour-in Woolfy (and your pretty floral skirt/dress?)
    It must've taken you ages...doing this would've made me very cross and grumpy indeed. I admire your patience x

  2. oh, this is a nice one! I love the colors of the photo in your living room, very "lebensfreudig"!
    a lovely weekend to you x Stefanie

  3. The words and your art translation works perfectly together, it is poetry in itself.
    With you a nice weekend.

  4. Well done the stamping!
    Very nice result.

  5. Poetry begins where memory fails. How true. I love your pattern. My stiches is now posted. Have a wonderful week end, Nadine. And thank you for inviting me!

  6. Wowee Wolf-girl...I love this..how beautiful my friend....and the quote is super-gorgeous too! I love what you created...so wonderfully inspiring!!and that splash of yellow is uplifting! You are so super cool ..how I wish i could have tried to create something..!!I tried something..but it didn't turn out..very challenging for me..but fun to try!

    Thankyou for this Beautiful post..love the dress you are wearing in the backdrop..stunning and charming!
    Wishing you a magical day..and thankyou again for inviting me to this fab party..i will enjoy the entries..and share mine if i come up with something in the meantime!!
    Hugs and sparkles

  7. Beautiful!! I noticed that lettering is a huge part of cross stitch - that I avoided cause it looked difficult, but yours came out exquisite and such a great quote...I would definitely hang that up in my room.
    thank you hosting!!

  8. Nadine, I love your beautiful cross stitch with the dress in the background! I hadn't read Margaret Attwood's Year of the Hen but now I will. Thank you for hosting!

  9. I love it of course!!!!!
    very beautiful sunny colours..........I think you and I must be similar in many ways Miss Nadine....(I too have a love of the ol graph paper journal)

    and the little proverb is such a nice touch would make a lovely crosstitch

    Im a little late I know but it posted finally!

    PS: love Margaret Atwood such an intriguing sentence

  10. I love it and what your wearing also in the photo....

  11. love your skirt and the 'cross stitch'. summer poetry.

  12. what a beautiful photo - poetry in itself.
    Thanks for sending that link along, Nadine.

  13. dear Nadine,

    I love your pattern diagram
    the colors, the quote
    the image, so full of color!
    I finally posted mine


    have a lovely sunday

  14. wonderful pictures (I love your dress!!) and a beautiful cross stitch work. yes: poetry!

  15. I love the quote, your spontaneous creation, and that dress! I wear mostly dresses and skirts and love patterns and colors. That one is awesome. But so is your 'cross stitch!:>)

  16. Nadine, I swear that we are all connected in some magical or unknown way, because when I was composing the wording for my post about cross stitch just now, I used the word 'leaf' to describe the used tea bag paper that I used (once again) in my contribution for this challenge. I said "leaf of paper" or something like that and I even had to check with google to see if it was the correct usage and it was and then I came to your blog to see what you did for this fun challenge and see that you used the phrase 'leaf of paper.' It made my heart jump a bit. Very cool.
    Did you stamp each individual little square for the background of your art piece? That is such a crazy bad wonderful idea (art idea)!!! This is unique and super work, art friend!! Love it. *smiles* Norma

  17. This words of Margret Atwood are so true,
    dearest Nadeschda! Love it when a single phrase triggers so much sentiment... sets one's mind in progress.
    Even your choice of colours... and, yes, your dress ;)
    Will you stitch it for real one day?
    And, who took the first picture? (Your both hands holding the XXL! cross stitch piece...)

    X Ariane.

  18. Hi, Nadine - I enjoy seeing the way this challenge brought so many of us close to the sense of meditative repetition the activity of stitching can bring. All those tiny squares! Really great quotes by a favorite poet. xxoo, sus

  19. Lovely words, pretty skirt, and an interesting use of crosses. However, your memories of Derbyshire on my post have me intrigued!!!

  20. Ooh, those colors. The words. It's all good. I appreciate how much time it must have taken you. You paid nice attention to the tones of yellow. Feels like tile work at the same time.

  21. I love what you are wearing...dress or skirt? so cute!

  22. Great one! Would make an amazing cushion for me! ;o)

    What a pity I couldn't find the time to participate for so long, but in summertime real life mostly gets the upper hand. I'm keeping an eye on the drawing challenges nonetheless and be sure I'll be eventually in again!