drawing | finger painting, aka fiery summer

the life and times of the red line. she running...

more over at carole's, her drawing challenge theme this week being finger painting. jolly good fun, an unexpected event even! 
now. is that red line someone's left arm pulling at the red bush? ☻


  1. Love your streak and splash of red line....and is that a dress in your previous post....awesome!
    You have to go somewhere in that number!

  2. oh yes!
    a field full of poppies
    and somebody is picking one
    for you!


  3. Or a swimmer?
    but then, dear Nadeschda,
    of course, somebody bend forward to pick a flower!

    Pointillism as its best!

    x Ariane

  4. i swimmer is what i saw in a river monet would be proud of!

  5. Oops i forgot about that pooch and is it a dress?

  6. Nadine, she's running in Monet's geranium garden! Such bold geranium reds and greens. I love the brilliance of this finger painting. xo Carole

  7. delightful post - I can see someone there, it must be nice when paint comes alive like that!

  8. Nadine this is so vibrant and moving. The red bouncing off of the green and the green bouncing off of the red. It's movement galore.And then we have the calm red figure lazily reaching toward the green. Gorgeous. Strong. Wonderful. *smiles* Norma

  9. it does look like someone lying down painting the painting!!!!! very interesting and has produced a very likeable and intriguing artwork.

    Nice colours used too yours is similar to mine and I also had an unexpected imagery event too!

    Helen ;)

  10. wow! this painting is so powerful and energetically! and someone is picking raspberries for you! :-)) mano

  11. Oh finger painting, what fun! Your work is wonderful too ... I mix of colours are a delight. There are all sorts of interesting bits and pieces hidden within those splotches. :)

  12. Hot stuff, Nadine - and I definitely see an arm reaching in that red line. -sus

  13. on this clouded and windy morning your work and photos take me to a vribant, warm and i-want-to-be-there, summer meadow full of poppies and grasses, i want to have a picnic there and even hum a lullaby for the one who's taking a nap there already, beautiful! x

  14. Need to do this again. No time for creative projects now but as soon as we can, mommy/daughter craft time!

    1. :)))
      ha... mummy~daughter...
      sounds good!