ebony and irony ♪♪♫♪

at the point where grafting and finer creation in this house meet, cyberspace sputters and comes to a halt. the technician this morning stating 'there are seventy more customers in your area experiencing the same internet trouble...,'. 

  • seventy? 
  • seventy. 
  • more fools us

especially '... since fixing it is going to take a fortnight'. 

  • a fortnight? 
  • a fortnight! 
  • now we're jinxed!

you have noticed the lapsus in the title? the upcoming shop update is being postponed [again], the few blog posts due this week will happen, if it kills me. 

i may not be visiting anyone anytime soon, but will do a wolf's sprint by the time we're hooked up again to the multicoloured blood that runs through those cybernet veins. 
in the meantime i am wishing you all the prettiness in the world. 


  1. Replies
    1. i had to smile when this guy explained they need to go underground to fix it. i had all sorts of imaginations, then remembered the jam, started drumming, and decided, heck! it is the holidays... ;)))

  2. You'll have a rest for the eyes, not being able to go online as often as you'd like.

    Which is not bad for a holiday, is it?


  3. That's certainly a bummer with your business being dependent on it. I hope they realize that it's not just a communication problem but a financial one as well probably for more than you realize.
    I will miss your comments, sweet, zany friend. Hang in there, but then of course, what other choice do you have?!

  4. Big time Bummer....now I have that song stuck in my head.....

  5. Ahh yes

    this is always a fun time Nadine when you suddenly find yourself disconnected from the internet world. Im sure there will still be plenty of things for you to do especially renowise ;) but we will miss you in blogworld and look forward to you being back to normal.

  6. I so love your funny bone :) I go off line now more than ever thanks to a wee human...