drawing | tree house

slowly, reluctantly i drew my dwellings for the night. 
i slept for a solid eight hours, a seldom gift. 
hurray! for the tree house, over at rachel's. 


  1. and you rolled out the red carpet;)
    i would love to do some moongazing in your treehouse,
    and hurray for eight hours of sleep, enjoy your weekend Nadine, xx

  2. hello to you
    and thank you for visiting my small corner of this digitally ethereal world!

    two things that i am instant drawn to - first, you have a wolf on your blog and i adore them and their symbolism
    and secondly,
    that you have drawn a wondrous tree house.. and a tree house (or a river boat home) would be my perfect kind of dwellings!


  3. I think you should frame this one.....

  4. lovely. i especially like the blanket - a nice touch for transitioning from inside to outside.

  5. I love this drawing, I would like to have this treehouse....and sleep for 8 hours!

  6. Hurray for your tree house; mysteriously inviting. I think I will join Céline there for a good, long sleep. If we can both fit.
    I rarely pay much attention to people's tags, except when I'm here. I find them intriguing.

  7. Fabulous red carpet makes for a warm welcoming for anyone who visits you happy little tree house!
    Wouldn't it be fun to climb up a tall tree into a treehouse. xo

  8. it is what it is. love that tree house and the welcoming red rug.
    and the ladder to the moon trees. what a fantasy.
    i think a tree house would be the best at night.

  9. I love the ladders and the red carpet at the entrance. Really love the ladder to the moon. Your sky is wonderful and the lettering (again especially related to the moon) is completely fabulous. A great artpiece. Love this!!! *smiles* Norma

  10. splendid is what it is!!!!

    oooh channelling a bit of Picasso with the pens there me thinks Picasso would have loved ink pens.
    I like the discipline you have applied to the stroke around that moon and the tree. Gtrat colours too.

    Luv it!

    Helen :)

  11. Dearest Nadeschda,
    I've just found you at Norma's tea treehouse :)

    the ladder leaning at the moon, the red carpet, the other ladder(where to?)
    I love the little moons of your letters.
    Its a very calming atmosphere in your treehouse... and I think its more van Gogh like, isn't it? Your chakra circles in blue... Midnight In Paris (the Poster).

    8 hours to sleep? My bones would be aching. But sometimes really needed (the sleep).
    So I wish you always a good recovery, every single night, doesn't matter how long.


  12. A perfect accomodation for watching moon and stars the whole night!

  13. MMM, I could move right in, OK? xxoo, sus

  14. a golden tree
    in the moonlight
    lights on in the tree-house
    a red carpet
    it is what it is
    I feel welcome


  15. please, can I move into this wonderful moon-treehouse?