hell boy amongst others

of course you know of the royle family, who doesn't? if you haven't seen them on the telly, they might just live down the street, no? the makers of the royles have now come up with THE CAFE, a sitcom in and around a seafront tearoom, run by three generations of women: nan, mum and daughter. if you know it, you know what i mean. if this is new to you too, go get it. 
somewhere. beyond the sea. homan, i love seagulls crying! ☻


  1. Ha, dear Nadeschda,
    I love seagulls crying, too!
    And I give The Cafe a long listen (because of me spoken word English, oh boy) and it sounds promising. British humour... love it! And the set...


  2. I loved the Royales!!
    I hope our ABC bought this series Ill wait and see this looks just as good.


  3. I've never heard of it before, but it looks very funny!

  4. one minute
    four times laughing out loud
    I so want this!