'carp the diem' *

dear readers, followers, friends

here's me, taking all this good and sound advice of you all into good practice: i've sliced me some cake, i've brewn me the tea, i've even opened that bottle of complex-in-the-mouth red wine, and having 'em all at once, further indulging in your kindness and precious time. there's no end to my gratitude to you all, dear readers, on my path to a house called home. i have learned so much already, owing the learning curve to you all too, forever listening to my zen blaming, and handing out recommendations like pros. 

you all realize, of course, you will be living inside these walls as well, as soon as i'll pull up my legs under my 'hind and look at all these efforts of late. my heart is filled with the greatest happiness, thinking of that. and thank you ♥   
* as heard on {the cafe}, my latest craze, as you may well know. this bittersweet life!


  1. Ah, so have you decided if you are moving to London or Paris? They are both great places.
    Resist there, I often think of you and am trying to send good vibes.... ;-)!

  2. i´m gonna kinda miss all the renovating. ;)
    p.s. it´s hanging on my wall. thank you dear nadine! talk soon!
    x jane

  3. it's the dream

    "It's the dream we carry
    that something wondrous will happen
    that it must happen
    time will open
    hearts will open
    doors will open
    spring will gush forth from the ground-
    that the dream itself will open
    that one morning we'll quietly drift
    into a harbor we didn't know was there."

    ~ by Olav H. Hauge

  4. Dearest Nadeschda,
    LalalaLondon calling?... I imagine the 'Elisabeth-Tower'!
    And the other building is standing ready on my 'Billy' shelf...
    Do you want to travel, hon'? One after the other?


  5. There's no need to go to London or Paris anymore once your house has turned into home, dear, you'll see! It will be the other way 'round: Parisians and Londoners will ask for a peaceful holiday in Woolf's Castle!
    Now go and distribute some earplugs among your direct neighbourhood, then put The Streets' "Let's push things forward" into the Ghettoblaster and pump up the volume! ;o)

    Big hugs and best wishes

  6. I so wish I could join you and have some tea, cake and complex wine. I can't wait to see it all!!!! xo

  7. oh, so good to read ... enjoy the (french) wine, and the (english) tea and cake :)

  8. I would love to enjoy wine or tea with you.....happy day Momma!

  9. Interesting post...enjoyed the read and the visuals!

  10. you will get there, you will get there! home improvement is NEVER any fun under any circumstances no matter who is the doing. and you are braver than most, doing so much yourself and PLASTERING! for heavens sake. oh, you will be very very pleased with yourself when it is all over.

    meantime hope that little bit of pampering did the trick.