drawing | playing {a wild} card

as a youngster, i hated playing card games. i feared the competition involved, which i still do. my love for playing cards design has only grown though, a longing easily redeemed in any likely thrift shop. i let myself get inspired by beautiful deck backs. what a challenge to translate its shape and design into my drawing book! as i was looking for meditation, i truely found me some. ariane sure has us all sit around the table, playing alice of sorts. luckily this game i love playing with you all. ♦


  1. how I love your humour
    and yes
    how I would love to play
    an alice game with you all
    around a table
    with tea
    and cards


  2. I like the card you designed. I wasn't allowed to play cards growing up--it was a sin. My parents lightened up and ended up big Bridge players with the couple who ended up being my in-laws for 20 years. Then their son and I spent our summer of dating learning how to play Bridge---exciting, huh?! We also rode bikes and I learned to water ski, but I digress.

    We as a family played lots of card games and had a blast. I miss that--my present husband doesn't like sitting around a table playing card or board games.

    I'm not an Alice in Wonder fan--I've never been able to read the book or watch a movie completely--it scares me--don't know why.

  3. love the vintage cards you found!

  4. ooooh I would love a deck of these cards!!1

    gorgeous colours and pattern......the vintage ones are beautiful too. I love cards and find the odd card on the ground I will be walking down the street and there will be a card in front of me. I always pick them up I was going to show them here but I packed them away and couldnt find them. They are just regular cards nothing special other than the fact I keep finding them on the street.

    I went in another direction for my cards not my usual ink and circles.....

    Have a wonderful week Miss Nadine :)

    PS: Dare I ask....how is wall plaster situation going?

  5. Gorgeous, TW. I love the colors. Your vintage card collection is wonderful. That little Joker! -sus

  6. your drawing card is really meditativ, beautiful fresh summercolours and patterns.
    I love the joker!!! :-) mano

  7. I always love how you see and describe your world - and your vintage cards are beautiful and your own card is wonderful, like a beautiful maze where you look for your future and the promises it contains hopefully. Love it.

  8. me, too, I love that kind of playing. your collection is great and I love the colors of your drawing and the way you did it!
    looking forward to play with you and the others again, x Stefanie

  9. Yes, Nadine, who knows? I know that I love the colours and the lines in your drawing of the card. I too look for the Joker first. Your little guy is so sweet. Keep missing you on FB but I'll keep an eye out for you as always. xo Carole

  10. Oh, dearest Nadeschda,
    this is so very delicate and fresh! Love it!
    The old cards and the back... wonderful. And answering card's question: is it a topview on a renaissance garden?

    Behind the hedges I'll write you soon, hon

  11. this makes me think of mojitos on a warm summer evening. can you tell i´m still in vacation mode? :)
    big hugs!

  12. I love card games (two, but two is plural, so gameS is ok) :)

  13. Lovely cards, the colors and patterns are perfect in your drawing, thank you! Leena

  14. Your playing card design is a beautiful mandala Nadine. It is calming. Love this a lot. N. xo

  15. love the little booklet and this drawing very much! hope you're cheerier. there is a solemnity about cornflowers.... why is that? do love them too, tho. hope it's a good week!

  16. i dive into the wide coolness of your drawing and feel lifted, inspirated and refreshed, this must be one of my favourite's xx