corner view ≈ valentino reprise

written in dust on floor, now existing no more {the floor}

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happy {belated} valentine's
♥ dear(s)! ♥
jane's corner view
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  1. love to come by here because you are always full of surprises! can't wait to see what's next!

  2. looks chocolatey!

    Love to you, Ai,

    :)) (my computers broke down and I cant make a heart mark from this outside pc, so leaving you a smile, from the heart, cheers)

  3. I remember the story.

    The word "share" is perfect for this day... in English-French (we call that "franglais), because it sounds like the French "chair" (flesh)... And share it sounds like "chéri" :)
    And the meaning, of course, is perfect (like the photo).

  4. I remember the story too. Looks more like construction dust to me.

  5. Yippee where the reveal baby!!

  6. I never knew I would love dust! Very cute my friend. xo

  7. Woolfie you're such an efficient blogger... I've been away for a little while and when I come back I see you've posted like a thousand times with such great things!!

    Do you rememer that I had a picture of the name of a street called Benet Bosch and you told me that it sounded awfully Dutch... today I discovered that the painter that we call in Spain 'El Bosco' was actually Dutch and named after Hieronymus Bosch...
    And it feelt like a bit of a wonder because Bosch is a very common family name here in Valencia and Catalunya, I don't know, it's one of these coincidences of this blogger world of us. Maybe it sounds a little insane hahaha but it made me think :)

    Big kisses!

  8. love this ! says it all !
    and i love the fact you have more dust + a more awful "no-more floor" than I have in my own wreck !! ;P

  9. Just remember....dust is some mites' little town! I wonder if they have town halls and fire stations?

  10. i'm imagining this same message drawn into cocoa powder! sweet. happy belated, woolf. xoxo

  11. p.s. pink eye is officially called conjunctivitis. google it. gnarly little things.