drawing | whisper

i've been thinking about whispers on the bus and in the train. i've been numbing myself over whispers in the bath. silent whispers came to me as i was walking the pavement. i have exercised whispering out loud, for further inspiration. frankly this contest wasn't easy. then tuesday morning i woke up with a song in my head, and i knew where i was at. i started humming. people turned their heads. result. [do click on image for detailed viewing]

tiny colophon to the above (clockwise, and from eleven)
whispering sweet nothings {endearments, addressed to a lover}
a whisper is a spoken word |° african|
you make me wanna shout! {well, that would be another song}
a whisper is heard louder than a shout {speaks for itself, really}
enjoy (that song)!

in case you're wondering if those blue/green bits in a salmon pink sea are hungry sharks? they are not! they are megaphones, folks, personifying an antonym to this week's challenging theme... ☻ [via jazzytwoshoes, hosting]
PS - it's a drop in the ocean, i realize, but i'm dedicating this post to the unfortunate people of christchurch, NZ and surroundings.


  1. how very clever. and i love the print on the mega phones...sometimes phone mega. rich colors and pleasant verse. it had a very retro feel. fun fun!

  2. it *has* a very retro feel, i meant to say.

  3. Speak softly but carry a big stick.

  4. Whispering wild and wonderful words...

  5. Oh thats so sad....love your song Momma! Hello spring!

  6. whispering out loud! what a concept. Sweet shout out to those in need. Music always inspires me!

  7. That music is like a flock of birds. She is singing like a nightingale and playing guitar even like a bird flying.
    Dear *woolf*, you've found good sentences, your shark-megaphones are contrasted sender to rose whispers. Thats exciting!
    x Ariane.

  8. it's fun to meet twice!
    im checking around to see if i shall host next week?

  9. fantastic process and resolution! love the way you think and can I please have a dress made out of that pattern? I like the thought of wearing green megaphones in salmon pink. :)

  10. Perfect! I love your post. I was happy already as I saw the megaphones. I kind of had a similar thought. A whisper as something louder. And you mixed it with music. I'd like to see this pattern as a fabric, hanging in the trees as a manifestation. Clever woman!