letting off steam

bell and i need to let off steam, from time to time. she's working (too damn hard) on her business, besides her creative needs, and i'm looking for any excuse not to literally bite the dust in that 'renov'business of mine. so today was the day. we took hubby's white skippy out and rode from town to town, guided by trustworthy nicole, our local gps lady. as if we don't know the way, but nicole prompts us not to lose precious time. [we've been known to end up in the middle of cornfields, 'destination attained', but we have driven ourselves more than mental when not relying on nicole's technical  know how.]

yarn, glorious soft yarn
i'm not breaking news when i'm saying that thrifting is a business that either goes wrong, or right. today, we were riding high. the day turned over magnificent finds. i love it that bell aches for plastic madonnas, the ones you will find on every street corner in lourdes. for bell's  going to do great things with the veiled ladies in her shop (to open may 2011). bell is a conceptional lady after all. i am happy enough already, what am i saying, i am over the (full) moon i got myself one  perfect reason to take out the camera and offer you, under a rainy skylight and from the front row,

a good handful of books and a few dvds

a vintage gobelin patterns magazine
gobelins galore of which one shown here
a graphic pepper & salt shaker set
toy building blocks i gave a first soak, so as to peel off filthy paper

an eric carle toy blocks box

a magnificent praha souvenir vase

a flowered fibreglass serving tray

monochrome glass work
magnetic letters & numbers in a peapod platter on an old atlas (map of the world) to be cut up
TINY memories

a couple of soup mugs
and a ceramic corn syrup canister which the sales lady lovingly insisted on calling a 'pineapple something'. or is it?
yeah? via sophie's flea market finds and apron thrift girl on mondays. i'm heading your ways!


  1. oh wowzers you did so well! that Praha vase...oh lovely, we visited there recently and fell in love! It's lovely to hear from you again! x

  2. WOW! The blocks! The vase! The tray! Lucky you... it's a sign the week ahead will be brilliant.

  3. okay that Praha vase is actually making my heart flutter and my mouth dry I love that blue!!!!!!
    Sophie may become a little green when she sees the extent of your flea market booty!!!!!
    I too love it when it feels like they put everything out because they knew you were coming. heh heh heh!

  4. another vote for the Praha vase!! and totally digging the corn/pineapple

  5. Looks like a cauliflower to me. I really need to come thrifting in your country.

  6. nothing better than
    getting out and about
    sifting through junk
    to find treasures
    you did real well
    and so very different from
    the sort of goodies
    i turn up here in france
    just joined this
    fleamarket finds show and tell

  7. wow, what a haul, I particularly love that little vase

  8. That is one heap of amazing finds! I love the soup mugs and the praha vase the most but the little blocks are very cute too! Glad you had a good day out, it makes you feel so good when that happens, hope the winning streak holds up for your next trip!

  9. I had pleasure to do this "graphic" walk (and recognized the French little "Martine")...

  10. sooooooo many finds!
    good work!

  11. Oh I love the Praha vase too.. and I think that is a Pineapple

  12. I LOVE Eric Carle. Still have a copy of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" somewhere... but my favorite of his is "The Little Wood Duck."

    So I am quite jealous of your find!!!

  13. wow you scored big...you both deserved this day!

  14. I dare say and I mean it♥that you would thoroughly enjoy 'shopping' in my house and basement...I have everything you could possibly want. Just ask all my friends! So...come on ovah!!!!♥♠☻☺♦♣

  15. oh this sounds like fun! would have loved to have been with you and you did well! love the new banner/drawings up top. hey looks like it was a good week!

  16. Wow, what treasures you have found. Particularly like the blue vase and the toy blocks and the yarn - you can never have enough yarn!

  17. Wow, so many treasures! I found a Marcel Marlier book this week too, but mine is in English...!

  18. oooh, fabulous finds! My fave is a toss up between the s + p shakers and the Praha ornament, the colour is suburb.........well done you!

  19. Well done! Good haul. What on earth is a syrup canister I ask myself? Has a weirdly phallic design on it anyway (or is that just me?)

  20. oh my, that's a lot of stuff you found ... very nice :)

  21. I love this kind of days. Making findings you would never have known existed. Adventures among leftovers from the past. I wish I could join you next time ;)

  22. Wow, well, where should I start? the wooden toy blocks box? the praha vase? the glass? or the syrup canister? they all super wonderful findings...:-)

  23. Those 'Tiny' books bring back memories and ofcourse that Praha vase, I love that blue colour.xx

  24. oh such fantastic finds! makes me itch to get out there and hunt thru a few thrift shops too :)

  25. wow,wow,wow, what a treasure finds! You need some boxes ;)
    it's like i had a shopping also today..haha

  26. I love these kind of things, inspiring me a lot!