♥ a short story about births. of love ♥

once upon a time there was a girl, not called alice. she grew up in the tall shadows of her brothers. at one time fallen behind, then twice, made her three times shy. she was silent well into her nineteens, when she met a soulmate. her search in life refined a little, but chosing between england and the home country wasn't obvious. naturally she chose a third option and gave birth to a boy.

from : XVIIe siècle, lagarde & michard
soon afterward she fell pregnant with creative wants. and needs. she tended a shop for a while, in the pressing days before the nifty virtual creative revolution. her and bell explored x-mas markets, home shows and grander events. 't is only recently, and on the quiet still, the girl's options of plunging well into w3, head first, seem to resurface.  she admits it is scary.

2010 attempt at hauling in mr. valentine, collage on canvas
all through her life valentine has bemused the girl, but her very own valentine hasn't found his way home yet. there's hope, she knows. there's hope. there is already his birthday, each crashing year. there's all the attention he's getting, to which she too, however, succombs fairly. and mildly. so she sits down every twelve months, and collages her dream to life. for when believing in the impossible happens, a truely magical moment is born.

2011 attempt, pieces of a heart, on calico

♥ happy valentine, dear readers. ♥ 
you hold so much inspiration, 
by simply being you's.
i already love you. 


  1. *whispering back*

    Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!!!

    Your story, while wistful, is very romantic. I hope you have a smashing day!

  2. Nice story ;) Hope and Love... Happy Valentine's day!!

  3. Intriguing story but to my mind the girl needs to spend all time and resources on the day on herself so she shines like the beacon that she is.

  4. A very touching story my friend. xo

  5. Oh my gosh...what a wonderful story of your life from the amazing mind of yours that never ceases to amaze me! ♥ happy valentine searches!
    ♥for when believing in the impossible happens, a truely magical moment is born.♥
    ♥Very clever and insightful, Kers♥

  6. well, all i can say is, mr. valentine doesn't know what he's missing...

    love both collage dreams...

  7. You're so great! I read this post more then once, it's a lovely tale and the best thing is there are many episodes to come and I wish them to hold lots of magic and love,xx Knuffel en veel liefs.

  8. I think you're right, and magic happens when believing in the impossible. Hugs.

  9. She knows there is hope - and there is! Hope and love propels us forward and that is the direction we want to go in...

    Love back at you!

  10. WHat an amazing find! Your blog. I love this story, the pictures, you!
    Happy Valentines Creative One
    xo milady
    (see you in the drawing challenge?)

  11. Now there's a love story filled with emotion, dreams, possibility and creativity. The very best kind!

  12. Cute story, wonderful pictures! This is my kind of valentine's day! ;)