corner view ≈ what makes me laugh {today}

philip seymour hoffman most probably doesn't need introducing. usually he plays the serious guy. his talent leaves me hot and cold, a bit like jack nicholson. i'm not too sure where i've got it with him, but he moves me in all the right places. in the brilliantly written ALONG CAME POLLY his personification of sandy lyle cracks me up. enjoy below compilation of the character. moreover, laugh out loud! ☻ let it rain! ~ ice man.... 
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  1. Oh, Nadeschda, dear!
    'm sittin' here, you know, with damn tears in my eyes
    laugh out loud? sure, ask my kids!
    Great actor! And, even that noise of basketball crashing against the iron plate close to the basket... it all cracks me up!

    I need a 'T'
    x Ariane.

    PS: And, please, that theme 'cross stich' is great!
    So see you as our sweet hostess at weekend 29. + 29.07.?

    1. sure. cross stitch for the weekend of 28-29/07 it is!

  2. His "sharting" in Along Came Polly was a big hit in this house let me tell you Woolfy.
    (and his wearing of a unitard!)

  3. That's a nice choice!!!!
    Have a good week.

  4. He's a character all right! Sometimes he gets on my nerves, but he is hilarious and can play an annoying person so well!

  5. I know the scene - yes, she's funny and kind of icky. :)

    Happy day to you!

  6. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is hilarious!

  7. Oh, I so had to laugh out loud in second 0:04!! It's that good old slapstick thing that I can't stop laughing on! I don't know many films with him I have to admit, but his expression is really amazing! In some scenes Leslie Nielsen came into my mind, also one of those that made me laugh very hard! ;o))

  8. I may have lost some of the punchline because my pc sound is not working well, and skips... but I'm
    Smiling to know you are laughing:))

  9. I like this actor, he's very talented!

  10. oh ... he is really good. i just didn´t remember his name :)

  11. Hilarious! I had never seen, now I want to very much!

  12. Nadine I have been thinking about you for the last 2 days guess what I have been up too?
    Stripping wallpaper with a friend.....some rooms have 5 layers or different lifetimes.....yuck!
    I hate wallpaper......hate it....

  13. I'd like to think that you're spending your vacation time watching movies!

  14. Ha! Ha! I know it's bad of me, but why is it so very funny when people fall over?!