some weekend

where i grew up, i walked to school, joined by a neighbour friend. 
who was going to marry me. 
he's moved out of the area now. 
as have i. 

when i go visit mum, she always sits on this chair {left}. 
her whole long life's evolved around it, and she's old
i gaze at this cloudy view from my chair. 

walking to the railway station in the rain, 
i found this intriguing piece of architecture, and snapped it, 
before it'll gravely change into a solid house.

as i was getting ready to go thrifting 
i was waiting...
on a train... 

having no images of today's thrift shop result yet,
 a few oldies but goldies slipped in.

since many people wonder, 
when ever am i showing more of the downstairs renovation.... ??
... some sneak peeks.

yes! i am into photographing sockets: 
renovation makes me go barmy a few times a week. 
but before long... 

....this bohemian kitchenette {middle} will be no more... 
and this old bookcase {right}... 
will become a much needed side cupboard.

it is free {thank you, tanita tikaram}, 
and travel happens in the head here.
{ps - all images are clickable, as usual.}


  1. What a beautiful post.....always leaving me wanting a few more snips of the remodel!!

    1. coming closer, love. coming closer.
      i'll share. will i ever...

  2. i relish the teasing beauty of this post. it's leaves me curious - to see round corners, to read the writing on the white floor.
    i also relate perfectly to your proclamation that " happens in the head here.

    sunday evening helloes!

  3. Oh Nadine,lovely to read...rainy I just slurped your post inside :-)
    Hmm,bohemian kitchenette in the dark .
    Do you have some chocolate in there ?
    Or bisquits ?

    ** love Ingrid

  4. Beautiful triple lines here,
    dearest Nadeschda.
    I wonder about the armchair triple first (new pillows! Great!), no, the umbrella duo with flower (clover? its colour make it to a triple again, lovely!) The bookcase! Lekker!

    Again, the armchair pics... on the right, the windows are til the floor? Are these doors? And the letters on the ground beside your round rug? ?

    One day...

  5. what a lovely post. thanks for that. :)

  6. My new favorite post! I love all these photos! Sending you xoxo

  7. Mooie foto's ... as always !

    Zie ik het goed, zijn de meubels gearriveerd ? Waw, zie je wel ... het einde is in zicht en dan 'Home sweet home'!

  8. I liked the little travel around in your world and can't wait to see, how it will develop over time.
    I'm following you know - thought I did it already... I'm old sorry ;)

  9. HAH! I'm the 111th Follower - I take that as a good sign!

    1. more than that, barbara.
      the number 111 always follows me everywhere.
      don't start me off on 111!
      happy 111 to you!

  10. so interesting pictures! this is a great post!!
    ;-) mano

  11. I'm new to your blog and those sockets tell me a few things. You don't live in England or America :) Perhaps on the European continent? Your newest follower, Laura

  12. This post is wonderful! I very much enjoyed travelling along with you on your weekend with photographic glimpses and lovely collections of words. I love those sneak peeks of the renovation as it progresses ... your place is going to be magic when it's all done.