drawing | patchwork posy

desperately hankering for spring, could be a worthy subtitle. are you too longing for it to begin? or are you just sitting out a scorching hot summer? seasons are a funny natural invention. can't hardly imagine australia, for one, is having the sun beating down, whilest we are desperaty raking for warmth and light. argghh! february...
still. there's this drawing challenge, for which i hold objectsofwhimsy responsible for tickling my fancy (i've yet to derive the original origin). whilest i'm fine tuning the organon into non existence, i'm strewing about a handful of flowers, so as to lure them to life, and meet that saturday drawing challenge already. 
(fibre tips on a teenage story called SIMONETTA by ZR VENTURINI - do click on image for more detailed viewing)


  1. ooooh love this very nice like fabric. I love it as your header art too ;) a great response.

  2. PS Im glad to be responsible for this heh heh heh!

  3. Oh, what a surprising patchwork, dear *woolf*.
    I haven't the courage to draw in a book...over typo....but it works.

  4. mmmmmmmmmm! that's me smelling the roses & the posies! I too am desperate for spring. Thanks for the virtual boost! :)

  5. your Spring will mean my Autumn.... I am not ready for that....

    hello Nadine. welcome to our drawing group!

    I think that I may be the host for next week.
    if so I will post the word/theme tomorrow over at my place ;)