two years older than my own mother, and he's (unlike her) sounding like a monument. he's looking it too. he is totally unknown to me, but here's what happens.
i am drawn to the posture of a man in a checkered shirt, on the telly. his voice screetches a little. he's talking about marit, being a precious gem in his later life. he finds himself in front of the camera. the backgrounds are chaotic but colourful. i don't mind the atmosphere of the interview and start listening. it takes one and a half minute exactly to realize i am witnessing gold.

the man's wit, wisdom and creative abilities fill the screen in spinning succession. he's painting a portrait of marit in a tiny sketchbook. colours on paper. then i look around. on the walls, on the shelves, in the air, colour specks crackle. depth and vibrancy of colour. his late partner soames (bantry) in a few black and white portrait pictures. the memory of her. i'm sure i freeze. at some point i start crying. i rarely experience this. i feel like i have come home.

photographer and painter saul leiter is showing selected work in gallery fifty one, in antwerp, until october 29th. a surprisingly illustrate artist at arm's length. i feel lucky.


  1. oh sweetie i had the same experience last night watching that same show, goosebumps moment, xx

  2. You got me in photography class ... and you show this!
    Those are beautiful,colorful pictures, and I love the feelings you describe. You make me feel as if I was into that gallery, in front of the pictures, enjoying the sames things you do. Feeling gooseflesh at every picture.
    Thank you, as always :)

    I like this one. I love the way he spies.

  4. Wow Momma.....and thanks for the cream!

  5. great pictures ... I would love to see this exhibition ...

  6. Every one of these photos you shared tells a story. Thanks for introducing me to Mr. Leiter. And yes, you are lucky!

  7. after Antwerp the exhibition will be seen in Amsterdam ( can't wait!!! maybe I should go to Antwerp )