drawing | bottle

tempted to cut about it the dillinger way, for that was the first tune on bottles popping up in my head. the song cracks me up, just like it used to, for whooooooooole different reasons than the artist's. thus i dismiss dopehead's optimistic way of spelling n-e-w-y-o-r-k in the seventies. as indy passed on the small screen last night, mainly as wallpaper, i was looking for bottles in the movie, but it was all about crosses, so i needed to spill a scene for this week's theme myself. 

the police's message then. renilde should have a few more bottles up her sleeve, if you pardon the expression.

by the way, how about alice, you-know-who to be next time's drawing challenge? 


  1. I have never found one but they do excist and that's lovely, i found a whole production line here, containing messages for us all and i've always loved Stings voice. Thanks sweetie, great rolling composition and background,X

  2. i love the idea of a message in a bottle... lovely colours : )

  3. Mmmmh, thanks for the police's earworm,
    dear Nadine,
    I love the idea of production line for message in bottles to make people happy finding them... As a child I send a message in a bottle, but nobody answered, maybe its broken... so its good to have more!
    xx Ariane.

  4. Beautiful..love your art..your bottles and the whole piece is fabulous! The colors and flow is beautiful!Wonderful post.I have enjoyed my visit here!

  5. Nice drawing message :) I'm curious about Alice now.

  6. a happy drawing, again!
    love the messages in a bottle
    like I loved that song
    and the romantic movie
    and I like Alice too!
    I am not totally sure I can make it
    but I will try!!
    and please invite Jasmin
    Alice is one of her favorites too, isn't it
    I miss her, that too


  7. i love blue bottles... (especially ones with messages in)

    p.s. stay warm, will you?

  8. ha,ha - it's very funny! perhaps you'll find MY bottle...!
    your idea is great - a bottle post for everybody!
    I've already found one, but it wasn't blue - what a pity!

  9. Dear Nadine...
    'Alice', hmmm, I must confess that I've never read the story... that's true... me of all the people. Probably another discovery... though, I'm in!

    xx Ariane.

  10. I love your message in the bottle Momma and thanks for the soup tips!