drawing | breakfast

i had a peek at patrice's breakfast table yesterday morning, and boy did i feel honoured, to be invited at the table with all of you challengers. indeed, we may not touch the food, if we could only sit together like this, in the flesh. i finished my little contribution late last night, thus only now i feel ready to take my seat. patrice's table is here. thank you, love, i'm only having the brekkies of my life!♥


  1. I like slow!
    a slow break together
    but in a way we do have that
    every weekend
    as you so nicely put
    in your comment
    I like your work
    I always do
    can you show us
    the book in it's whole one day?

    happy sunday!

  2. hahaaa...this is very recognizable and the beautiful breakfast you draw is a meal i often eat comming home late at night. cooking the eggs, slicing the soldiers, a ritual that makes me settle down.
    it would be great at Patrices' table, wouldn't it
    love your work! xx

  3. Nadine, I like the looks of your breakfast but am a bit curious...what are soldiers?
    Seeing patrice's table set with all of our names made me feel close to the idea of all being together in person. What a grand idea and maybe someday a grand plan...

  4. just coffee for me please...
    what a lovely idea for you bloggy friends to meet up for a long, slow, delicious breakfast one day.

  5. I want this framed on the wall......and i'll take a little cream with my coffee!

  6. your breakfast table is perfect with the coffee as the central piece!
    love your draw!
    Happy October Nadine!

  7. Dear witty Nadine,
    I love your drawing with the delicious egg which get out of line!
    And I have to search and translate the word 'soldiers' too... bread! Stripes of bread... do you dip them into the coffee?

    Sitting together, in the flesh, with you and all named friends... inspiring,
    just w o n d e r ful!

    One question: 'me. gone. bye.' ... what does it mean?

    Hugs and kisses,

  8. beautiful! I wish you a nice Monday breakslow too!

  9. Dear Nadin, love your art work- all thought for me two big cups of be enough...;-)
    and off course- take it slowwwwwwwwwwww its the best way to strat your morning... xx

  10. it would indeed be a nice table to join!

  11. Wow this is a really colorful and beautiful breakfast, love the letters......I always like your art, you are such an artist!
    Have a nice day!

  12. what a lovely post, circle of friends and drawings. Ladies, you are great!

  13. I love♥ your drawings and your narrations make me have to think..which a side of my brain that I don't use all that much!

  14. Kers,
    I love♥ your drawings and your narrations make me have to think with a side of my brain that I don't use all that much!

  15. I tried to edit the first comment in which I said Which instead of With. It disappeared and now it is back...oh well!♥