not november yet {renov # 22}

it is funny. i've had to look up when i last posted anything on this house here being finished. in may. of this year. i mean, who's counting though? but now we're back, slowly progressing. without wanting to rush nor swoon, i dare to think :

look at the right wall
when the kitchen walls are plastered, 

spot the difference, would you?
the downstairs central heating will be completed. 

when the heaters are on, the floor will be concreted over. when the concrete is dry, wooden flooring will be laid down. 

when the floor is done, and dusted, our furniture is coming home. when the furniture is home, cupboards will be filled. to the brim.

somewhere in the middle of all these things, christmas will happen. whether we'll be hanging balls from a tree (totally dusted over by now, our fake plastic plant), i leave in the middle. but the new year does look promising. and we haven't reached november yet.


  1. lots happening your way.. sounds so exciting. love .xo

  2. I've got almost twelve years of DIY behind the belt, so I know a thing or two about renovation. This IS progress. Breaking down old crap is so much more work than building from scratch.

    I love that your kitchen has access to the garden.


  3. How exciting Woolfy.
    We have had plans drawn up for ours and tomorrow the builder we have chosen is coming to cost it out. I am holding my breath that we will be able to afford to do all the things we want to...we have a budget and all the sweet-talk in the world will not convince my husband to spend a penny more. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
    How lovely it's going to be for you to fill your cupboards, hang pictures etc most of our stuff is packed away so I understand how nice this will be...your house will become a home x

  4. Yeahhhh, this is progress, it's going to be a wonderful kitchen, love the french doors, the best has yet to come, xx

  5. I have been waiting patiently for this those doors!
    its looking great!

  6. i like this progression! patience, and perseverance, eh? won't it be lovely to fill those cupboards... that daisy photo is just radiating promise.

  7. wow ... yes this is progress and those doors a so nice. will be so great the spring and summer :)

  8. hooray!!! you'll be cooking a great Christmas dinner there!

  9. it will be grand
    the white walls
    those doors!!!!
    a kitchen
    an oven
    a table with candle light

  10. yes Nadine, and a little shnapps to celebrate :)