greetings from anvers, jardin zoologique

[pictures found in thriftshop, lessines/lessen, be]
yes. anvers is antwerp. will always be that. in the tender fifties of the previous century, both flemish and french (sub)titles were applied in flemish places of interest. 

but what am i saying? today english is added. multilingual, for sure. i wonder what the beasts of today think? 

do they think at all? ☻


  1. Oh, I was in the zoo of Antwerp/Anvers/Antwerpen,
    dear Nadine!
    But I only remember ice bears with ugly symptoms of hospitalism and other unsetting situations...
    (as in other zoos).

    And: I really like those black and white photos. They are very nice composed. Look at those seahorses! Of course do they think!
    Maybe they can do speak at all?

    With love and hugs,

  2. these are amazing vintage the baby seal!

  3. I really love these! What a wonderful little treasure to have and look it when one needs a cheer up. Cheered me up!

  4. A zoo I can visit with a time machine ;)
    Nice idea.

  5. oh, that little seal is so cute!! she reminds me of my dog, for some reason :)

  6. dear nadine, i think like ariane, seahorses do think! and i want all the baby monkeys for myself (of course i am against zoos...) ♥, julia

  7. i love ansvers.....years ago i wanted to life there and go to art-school, i went to amsterdam instead...! and i love the zoo there! thanks for showing!
    and your cv this week....well just be as you!!

  8. the pictures tell a lot about Belgium