drawing | family

it's been a while (library school to be exact), when i came across a less obvious definition to family. just as much interrelating as the family troupe we commonly know, but alot, and alot bigger: the family of nouns, the gathering of terms, the sharing of definitions, the organizing of things. let's also think amoebae.
let me assure you, back then, i grew pretty desperate on the subject. trying to grasp it, i cursed under my breath. for there's a system to work yourself through, there's a one and only way to do this properly. i only just passed the test. and forgot all about it by the time we left thesauri behind. still thinking amoebae.
since family as we know it comes a little akwardly to me anyway, i would like to grab the bigger picture. of course, one could also argue i just felt like doodling about in organic thoughts. greta thought up family for this week's theme.


  1. your family makes me happy!
    I do not know much of my family history and love my self-chosen family of loved ones and friends
    so I understand yours
    and love your colors and shapes
    as always


  2. Dear Nadine,
    amoebae... hahahah!
    I like your picture very much... it fits to an image of movement of a family. Those colours and shapes are all very different but form a pretty pattern...


  3. i used to love to draw amoebae through the microscope in biology class (but yours are a LOT prettier)

  4. hmm i get it completely sweetie and your
    'dooldling about in organic thoughts' suits the subject just fine, a wide range of personalities, but all family,xx

  5. You know I am a family lover and that I have a BIG one. And since I am to be your daughter-in-law I feel so happy hahahahaha
    Don't worry, I'm just kidding!
    I'm going to answer you last mail since I have some time.
    I loved your amoebas, by the way!

  6. hm, log time ago i decided to return as a cat, next lifetime, but you made me struggle, maybe i want to be a sea star too, just for a while ...
    ♥♥♥ julia

  7. sometimes the tiniest picture, the amoeba of the situation, is just fine.

  8. Dear Nadine, love all those colors and shapes, just like a happy family with different kind of thinking, but all together sharing lovely moments!

  9. Magnifique, les couleurs et les lignes sont absolument magnifiques!
    Très belle soirée

  10. Nadine? Honey, where are you?
    I'd like to invite you to the next week’s drawing/art challenge.
    The theme is: ‘Development’…

    (And excuse me please, I didn't wanted to harm your memories for the zoo.)

    x Ariane.

  11. AWWWWWWWWW colored pencils, what I want so badly right now! Love your spin on the theme too and your fab drawing!

  12. your merry amoeba family, i love. they seem almost to frolic across the paper. can amoeba frolic?