corner view ≈ the last thing i learnt

old shop front
i love a theme that makes one think. i like it lesser when i can't think up something. 

"i'm being collected!"
i guess one of the funniest latest things i learnt is not to grip an iron skillet with my bare hand. 

old shop window
one of the things that made me jump, literally, was when i fixed my new bed, without shoes on. we all know the painful consequence to that. [toe nail finally gone, stump of a nail instead. ah well]. 

"do not run - DANGER"
will i always wear hand protection, will i unfailingly wear shoes? nope. because even though i learn things, i remain pretty templated. or patterned. rash could be another word for it... [sigh]. ☻
sophie chose this interesting theme, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca.


  1. this makes me smile, nadine. still, i insist that you make yourself an oven mitt, and use it when you cook with that skillet! :)

  2. I hope the lessen you learned with the pan is to just eat at restaurants more and let others do the work for you :-) Great signs - and they do make you think, don't they?!

  3. Ahhh nadine---why is it that some basic facts are often ignored by us?! I went to take off the long glass lid on the crock pot with my bare hands, thinking, "It won't be that hot." Then I thought, "But last time you thought that, you almost dropped the lid (on a heavy tile floor with the result likely being a lid to a wonderful cooking utensil, broken) on the floor."
    So I grabbed my handy dandy crocheted lid handlers and "Wah lah! Hands and lid are still in tact!" But you know, it was such a long walk across the kitchen to get those 'handlers'that I nearly passed out! (My kitchen is tiny.) We humans are so silly sometimes---glad I'm not the only one!
    Oh and I didn't crochet them--I bought them at the local Farmer's Market.
    Mine is not up yet, but will be soon.
    Enjoyed the signs. :>)

  4. this is great !!! very funny and very true ... i am just the same !!

    here is mine ...

  5. So, I guess what you've learned is the extent of your template-ed-ness :) But really, shoes and potholders are lovely things. I bet you can learn to use them more :) Your hands and feet are sublimely worthy of protection, after all!

  6. you have an adventurous spirit. and i adore these photos...

  7. Mine's about learning from past experience - or not! - as well.

  8. oh, I suspect we could be sisters.... maybe twins! Ouch.

  9. Very funny! However ouch with the skillet.

  10. well nadine, i'm still glad not to see a pic of your toe without a nail ;)
    very cool signs.

  11. I DO wanna see that nailless toe of course, and the mitten that you MUST make or buy or steel before you embark on another frivolous cooking adventure...

    Love the signs. (We had such a good laugh when we were in Belgium a few years back, and saw a sign above an entrance with a low ceiling, that said "Ontdek uw hoofd" (discover your head). Even made a New Years Card with that sign...)


  12. like the way you put on words these stories
    have a great and safe WE