corner view ≈ a different corner, in amsterdam

'i ♥ corners'.

new york, fuller building, 1903
after the new york flat iron building,

london hampstead corner building
london hampstead's {most likely unintentional} 'replica', i found me a new favourite corner, last weekend in amsterdam. i am almost inclined to start a serial corner collection.

amsterdam corner building
but naaaaah... i don't think so. in the end, 

amsterdam corner shop
the surprise of finding a truely amazing corner {house} is just so much better than trying for one.... linking to jane's corner view, hosted by francesca. more amsterdam here.


  1. I've seen similar houses in Paris, at one corner and very narrow. I would like to see the homes that would be very interesting.

    Happy day!

  2. i love your corners!
    and corners in general... they keep secrets of their own.
    a triangle is always more exciting than a cycle or a square...
    no idea why. i have always prefered it ; )

  3. Funny! I guess it's a challenge to furnish the corner rooms. ;o)

  4. Hello! Long time no seeee!!!
    Great corner photos... I don't think I have ever seen such a building for real :-) so it's good that I stopped by.
    Take care.

  5. It would be fun to make one of those photo collages (do you have Picasa?) with all of your pictures of corner buildings.

  6. i like the thinking out of the box. cool! xo

  7. I like how you focus on the topics for the corner view theme and suddenly you begin finding them everywhere, you're so clever, dear!
    And by the way those traffic signs in your amsterdam corner remind me I failed my driving test yesterday! What a pitty...I'll have to wait till next wednesday to plan a car trip to belgium HA! :) and omg I can't believe what a bad person I am, the bad person who still didn't begin your letter. Looks like I'll have to take some paper with me for my daily tramway time to university. Sounds like a good plan, I think I'll do it.
    See? Your blog inspires me hahahaha
    big kisses and love


  8. interesting corners! I like the first picture. I just watched Mr Popper's Penguin's with my kids and that building in New York was featured.
    Always fun to drop into your corner!

  9. a very corner corner view nadine! you are so clever.

    and speaking of clever - wish you would do a tutorial on changing headers (since you seem to do it every week!) i tried to change mine last week and what a panic. i need about a month to figure this out! needless to say, i went back to the old one. xo

  10. i think it is wonderful that you so love corner houses ! they are incredible. you don't see houses like that in my corner !!

    my different corner is tasty this week ...

  11. Dear Nadine,
    amazing corners!
    They could be flats for Flat Eric... I can hear the flat beat, thats crazy!

    I've published you as our host with 'curve' this weekend! Okay? And: I'm in.

    xx Ariane.

  12. I like these examples, great! Good idea :)

  13. I'm so jealous that you were in Amsterdam :) I miss the place! One thing I loved about Belgium when I was there this summer (other than seeing you) and Amsterdam was how there were little corner statues (religious ones) on so many of the buildings! I took lots of pix of them :)

  14. I ♥ your interpretation of the CV of the week ...

  15. definitely different corners. very cool post :)

  16. cool interpretation of this week's theme, makes me want to turn another corner in my life

  17. héé. waar is dat in de jordaan? ik denk dat ik weet waar het is... prinsengracht tegenover anne frank/westerkerk? ik word gek... vertel eens.

  18. unexpected corners make more amazing finds, but seen them together as an international collection is quite something.

  19. I love corner buildings too. What a fabulous interpretation of this Corner View! We used to have a beautiful old 'corner' building here in Christchurch . . . with a domed tower and geraniums in the window boxes. I always used to dream of living there. It's gone now - but it still lives on in my imagination. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous pics. I'm glad to know these lovely buildings are there. Maybe I'll visit some of them one day :-)