drawing challenge NEW THEME : curve

the best thing about being late with last week's drawing theme is i can now kill two birds with one stone. ahem. here's bird lucky who came back home after the weekend. its realisation cheered me right up though, all through a few days of commuting. the student next to me this morning looked puzzled, but i smiled right back at him.

found here
now, about next week's theme? ariane was wondering, and so was i. and i got thinking about the vitruvian man. and about his delicious curves, aka as love handles? ☻ even if the name doesn't ring a bell, you'll know above image by the looks of it, realizing leonardo da vinci is the genius behind it. what i find most fascinating about the vetruvian man is the circle-in-the-square feature. to be more precise, the curve of a circle, in a square. a juxtaposition, if ever one.

so there. this week's theme : curve. if you like to play, please leave us a comment below. thank you, and let's bend it. unlike beckham. ♥

curvers : ariane, patrice, demie, renilde, rachel, ...


  1. dear Woolf!

    next time we will meet!
    already looking forward

    and CURVE
    I am in
    of course I am in

    and your bird Lucky makes me smile too
    cheerful and a bit naughty
    I like that


  2. your lucky bird is exceptional : )

    i am in too... for the curves!

  3. Quite an energetic 'Bird Lucky', i'm sure he will be noticed when he is in the neighbourhood :) great!!

    i'm in for curve sweetie, xx

  4. dearest woolfi, hmhmhm.
    sorry to say i am NOT in... of course not because of the interesting theme, it's because of nuclear waste on the road... ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ julia

  5. Cool drawing! (Looks like a lot of work with all those dots!)

  6. i just found "tiny woolf". i can't wait!

    and you're very right about the high ceilings and the heat. that's why i moved to the sun....no longer has to be a consideration......xo

  7. Love your curves and your lovely previous post Momma!!

  8. The theme does seem to be curve, dealing with much of it, teehee...love the art, you artist, you!